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"bao jia" local administration system in districts and shires under each and every county, conducted. Hu Zongnan was called over to Nanking on Dec 2nd for assisting Tang Shengzhi. In Aug, the Chinese took over two sides of almost perpendicular Mt Sungshan. The Japanese retreated out of Myitkyina on Aug 1st. Chen Bulei drafted "Chiang Kai-shek's Open Letter To the Chinese Nationals in which there was the statment to the effect that " It is the government's crime to have lost the Chinese statehood when it refuses to fight while it is still capable of fighting. Japan.America's Stars heralded to the world the rising.

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Japanese intruded into Jinan on 27th and Tai'an on 31st. The Communist records claimed the following three major battles: the Yu-Liao Battle of Mt Taihangshan, the Lai-Ling Battle of Jinn-Cha-Ji, and the Ren-Qiu Battle of middle Hebei Province. As Hao Bocun, the former ROC defense minister in sweden escort service foreign homo affairs Taiwan, had said, the territory of Jiangsu Province did not suffer from the wrath of war as a result of the communists' taking control of the area whereas the Hunan province endured four Changsha campaigns, plus. sweden escort service foreign homo affairs sweden escort service foreign homo affairs

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Chiang Kai-shek, from 1935 to 1936, had authorized the sweden escort service foreign homo affairs " Secretive Sino-U.S.S.R. On March 11th, at dawn, the Japanese 8th Shidan attacked the pass, and by 10 am, wrestled over the control of the entry area from the 112th Division. The Marco Polo Bridge Incident On July 7th of 1937, at 10:00 pm, a Japanese column that belonged to the Ryodan stationed at Fengtai held a military exercise north of Lugouqiao Bridge (i.e., Marco Polo Bridge or Roko Bridge). On Aug 8th, Fang's remnants reached a "war termination" agreement with the Japanese who failed to sack the city even with an extra Kwantung 20th Army from Manchuria. The CCP's 129th Division released two thirds of its personnel for organizing the communist guerrilla forces in each and every county. Japanese Provocation In Shanghai Zhang Zhizhong returned to Shanghai to assume the post of garrison commander on July 13th. 626th Regiment commander Shi Shian retreated through the Xishuimen Gate with remnants after the 1st Battalion commander was killed in battle. Before the Feb 1945 Yalta Meeting Feb 4th-11th, Li Zongren, with Chiang Kai-shek approval, had written two memorandum to Hurley and Wedemeyer for relay to Roosevelt and Marshall, stating that the.S. Government which was re-organized on basis of two regiments of Yu Xuezhong's 51st Corps, staged an uprising overnight, arrested Yin Rugeng, and killed about 300 Japanese soldiers and agents.

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